Splendeur de vie

Splendeur de Vie
Narcos II (ISO 166)x Kantate du Syre (Quouglof Rouge – ISO 130)
2006 16.2h Selle Français – born: Normandy, France
From the #1 damline in the world (Olga)


Splendeur de Vie

As a 5 year-old, Splendeur easily qualified for the National Young Jumper Championships showing in the top 2% of 5 year-olds in the US.  She is a Premium Foundation Mare with the AHHA (Holsteiner) and received Reserve Champion at her Mare Performance Test.  She was retired from competition to perform her primary job:  pass on her exceptional pedigree to her offspring.
Her sire, Narcos II, was an international showjumper with Eric Navet that competed in the Seoul Olympics. Splendeur’s dam-line is one of the best (if not THE best) for production of international showjumpers: “Olga.”  
Sire, Narcos II, was an international Grand Prix jumper with Eric Navet at all the major European venues and also in the U.S. He was chosen to compete in the Seoul Olympics and had been a competitor from Calgary to Hickstead.  In 1991, he won the European Young Riders Championship.  He won numerous puissance classes, which included a record jump of 2.25m.  Under Florian Angot in 1994, he won the European Junior Championship.  For several years, Narcos II placed as Best Sire of Young Horses for four, five and six year-old National Championships at Fontainebleau.  Narcos II has great strength and a remarkable stride, a royal canter, unquestionable suppleness and balance and a very good back.  He earned Elite French Stallion and was ranked as high as #4 in the world (WBFSH) as the best sire due to his offsprings’ winnings in Grand Prix.  He is the sire of 71 approved sons.
Splendeur’s “Olga” dam-line is one of the most coveted in the world.  
Myrtille Paulois, the #1 showjumper in the World, is from this same damline.
Lord de Theize, who is a 75% cousin to Splendeur de Vie competed at the 2010 WEG, advancing into the Final Rounds.
Gracieux Ardent, who is 100% brother-in-blood to Splendeur’s dam, was the French National Champion of 2006 and stands stud at the Haras Nationaux (French National Stud).
Offspring: Quasar de Medi- 2011 colt by QUINAR Lionshare CSF – 2013 colt by LOTUS T Javalou CSF – 2014 colt by BON BALOU