Cove Springs Farm – Jumping Horses –

We are a warmblood breeding farm based outside of Birmingham, AL, USA specializing in producing sport horses for the jumping and dressage disciplines, specifically Selle Français horses.

We are committed to improving the sport horses available in the United States by breeding the best mares to the best stallions available.  Our mares have been chosen for their genetics, abilities and production records.  They possess some of the most accomplished damlines in the world, which produce the best internationally-recognized offspring.

Our foals are raised with human contact within the first few hours and throughout their time with us.  
It is most important to us that our foals are friendly and trusting of humans.  The number of foals produced per year is small as we believe in quality above all else.

Our temperate climate enables our horses to live outside 24/7 which is most like nature intended. Our farm consists of 45 acres in Washington Valley which is surrounded by cattle farmers, other horse-lovers and rolling mountains.  We love visitors!

Lori Lynn-Davis (205) 915-8414