About us


Conformation, athleticism and temperament that we, as breeders and sport horse competitors, are looking for in a performance horse.  One aspect we believe unique to CSF is guaging the industry (now and future trends) and then breed the prototypical horse that will meet those demands as well as excel at the next level.

At CSF we do not follow fads and the “trendy” stallion of the season.  We approach breeding in a rational, proven method, taking into account strength of pedigree, performance history, temperament, conformation and most importantly, quality of offspring.  Our mindset and philosophy has evolved over the years due to competing as amateurs in the Hunter and Jumper rings as well as from feedback from well-respected trainers, breeders in Europe as well as other competitors.

We believe the most important ingredient of breeding a successful sport horse is the dam. The mother imparts the most genetic material to the foal and therefore needs to be top notch in pedigree, conformation, type and mindset. With that in mind we use registered Selle Français broodmares. We have added to our broodmare stock with meticulous analysis of bloodlines and conformation, importing very rare lines not seen in the US breeding community.  Although these lines are seen the world-over when you turn on the TV and watch a Grand Prix.  Our mares are also approved by:  Holsteiner NA, Oldenburg NA and Belgian NA.  This allows  crossing with other highly successful and sought-after bloodlines to create the modern sport horse that is so treasured and revered in the horsing communities (amateurs and professionals alike).  All of Cove Springs Farms foals are registered and attend their respective foal inspections.

Our broodmare lines include some of the most well-known producers to date in the sport horse world:  Alme, Furioso II, Ibraham, Jalisco B, Narcos II, Quidam de Revel, Quouglof Rouge, Zeus, Diamant de Semilly. We choose the best sires to mesh with our broodmares to obtain an even higher level of quality from our foals.

Another important aspect that can be overlooked by breeders is temperament. We at CSF want a horse that the amateur can compete and be successful with as well as the professional. The mindset of the horse is just as important in many ways and therefore has to be given consideration during breeding. The CSF “graduates” have moved on with their riders and new owners  to compete at a very high level nationally and are continuing to rise the up the ranks. This is the most important testament to our breeding philosophy….results.

We breed each foal as if we are breeding them for ourselves with every detail accounted for and evaluated thoroughly because at the end of the day if we are not satisfied with the result, the client will not be either.  Feel free to contact us.  We’d love to chat!